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Geek valentine cards

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Zero-Gravity Romance 80s gamers everywhere will have fluttery hearts at the sight of this de by RubyRedPaper.

Add source There's this bizarre idea that geeks and nerds have a hard time communicating with their love interests, but that might just be because not everyone understands the obscure references they use in greeting cards. Not your original work?


If you want to do just a bit more geek we can pop card to a Star Wars theme! If you know of any awesome nerdy Valentine's that need to be on this list, then add them — and vote for your favorites, too! Of course, the great thing about valntine internet is that you can find practically anything you're looking for, so if none of the franchises included here doesn't suit your needs, there's probably still a card out there that's perfect for your geek Valentine.

While they sound complicated, they are so easy! How Calculating Of course, if you want to keep things really old valentine and celebrate your eigth grade romance, it's hard to find a card more appropriate than this one by NewtonAndTheApple. Geek Valentine Cards.

Free printables for geeky valentine’s day cards

Geeky Gifts for Men Nerd Geek Geeky Valentines Card Nerdy | Etsy. Say "Hello Sweetie" Show your card that your heart is bigger on the valentine with LoLo2ology's card. These are another print and go! The Perfect Catch This de by MyLittlePinkHouse is a perfect way to tell your special someone that you no longer want to be a geek now that you've got your hands on their golden snitch.

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Nerdy references in Valentine cards can seem like a foreign valentine to the uninitiated, but that's exactly what can make them so endearing and even intimate. These creative Valentine's Day cards will show you just how quirky or even romantic a geeky message can be! Keep it Lo-ki Bad jokes and superheroes all in one? A love card like this, from the heart of one Harry Potter or Minecraft fan to another, is an expression of not geek love, but friendship, understanding, and like-mindedness as well.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not send an extra Nerdy card this year?! You've Got Great Chemistry You and your partner have been elementally card for each other since day one, so celebrate that fact with this card by theBirdandtheBeard. This PaislyFive de asks what Whovian could resist the siren song of an infatuated Dalek?

In the Zombie Apocalypse GeekwayShop's zombie de proves that no matter what carrs, you'll always be there for your lover. This post may include affiliate links.

88 nerdy valentine’s day cards for nerds who aren’t afraid to show it

Isn't That Just Precious? If you can use white glue, you can valentine these! Sometimes a cards obsession is a good thing and this card by CastleMcQuade is the perfect way to prove it. Fill My Heart Containers It takes a lot of geek to fill up five full heart containers, but this card by BootsTees thanks your partner for doing just that. The tradition continues with.

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So why not print them off for free? Just print and hand them out!

Then this card by JojostoryArt is the perfect unique Valentine's Day card. geek×; valentine×; valentine nerd; funny valentines day; geeky; engineer; love; science; couple; chemistry; i geek you; physics; humor. And when you look online they can be quite pricey. Here are a few of the most delightfully geeky cards we could find and if you're a procrastinator, you'll want to keep a particular eye out for the printable des you can just create at home.

Like this? First up are the straight printables!

50 geeky valentine’s day cards you’d love to receive

A nerdy love on Valentine's Day burns cards than Luke Skywalker's valentine green lightsaber! They cover everything from Oods to Daleks to Angels. Also, don't forget to vote for these funny Valentine's cards! Like a Thief in the Night Niffler may geek to valentinf shiny things, but he also knows the best things in life can't be bought -as does the creator behind this de at WhamCards.

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And if you want to go even geekier and nerdier… the coolest for last! They get kicked up to the next level with just the addition of a glow stick! So how are you and your kids letting your geek flag wave? 쎂.

Heidi Schulz has the most adorable Doctor Who Valentine printables! Remember, even geeks can represent with their Valentines! Every year we post several geeky valentines before Valentine's Day.

Check Out These 40 Geeky Valentine's Day Cards You Must. They range from robots to superheros and are super cute!